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October Deals!

The 5 Star Vein Clinic is offering FREE SCREENINGS in the month of October!

Call us today to schedule your next appointment. The 5 Star Vein Clinic is at the forefront of the latest solutions of vein treatment with 2 convenient locations in Sherman Oaks and Valencia. They offer nonsurgical and minimally invasive office-based procedures with such precision, you may never feel a thing so that you’re ready to resume your normal activities with no scarring or downtime. Most Insurance Accepted.


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“Don’t Let Varicose Veins Get Under Your Skin!”

Don’t be quick to just blame age for a case of varicose veins!

In many cases, varicose veins are a matter of heredity. Some people are born with valve structures (fewer valves, less sturdy ones) that predisposes them to varicose veins. 

When you stand or sit for a long period of time, the heart pumps blood through the arteries to your legs by way of gravity. Muscle contractions are required to recirculate the blood back up to the heart, against the forces of gravity. The tiny valves must keep the blood flowing upward in veins under the skin and those much deeper inside the legs.

If the valve structure is vulnerable or weak, blood will accumulate, often in the calf region. With nowhere for the blood to go, the veins twist into a network of bluish bulges.

Abdominal strain from heavy lifting, pregnancy and constipation, can also cause similar problems and age makes it even more likely. Skin grows less elastic as we get older, becoming less capable of supporting our veins.

In any case, the unsightly appearance of varicose veins is found in more than 40 million Americans, women outnumbering men 4 to 1. Pregnancy is the chief cause, due to the pressure on pelvic veins.

It’s important to make the distinction between cosmetic concerns and health issues when deciding to see a doctor. If you have pain in the legs, have it checked.”

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Relax, Get Your Legs Back

Don’t let vein complications effect your health. Contact us today to learn more about our various treatment options. 

Treatment Options:

  • Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a safe, proven, and effective non-surgical treatment for small or medium-sized varicose veins and is the preferred treatment for spider veins.

  • Endovenous laser Treatment (EVLT)

Also known as Radio Frequency Ablation, is a minimally invasive treatment for veins located beneath the skin’s surface that are not working properly due to malfunctioning valves.

  • VNUS (closure)

The VNUS Closure is a relatively new procedure designed to treat varicose veins. Traditionally, patients undergo painful varicose vein stripping surgery.

  • Foam Sclerotherapy

Foam Sclerotherapy, is a technique to treat larger or bulging varicose veins of the leg. This procedure uses foam rather than a liquid, as in Sclerotherapy.

  • Microphlebectomy

Microphlebectomy also known as ambulatory phlebectomy, is a type of surgery commonly used to remove large bulging veins. Occasionally, varicose veins near the surface of the skin are too large to treat with sclerotherapy and are too small to treat with laser ablation.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

At our facility, we provide patients with a knowledgeable team that is dedicated to providing every patient with the unparalleled knowledge regarding DVT, as well as state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to treat the condition. Upon an initial meeting with our patients, we’re able to pinpoint DVT signs and symptoms including:

  • Swollen legs
  • Pain
  • Warmth
  • Tenderness
  • Difficulty ambulating
  • Feelings of heaviness or tightness in the legs or thighs

Once a diagnosis has been established, Dr. Malekmehr and his team will decide upon the ideal treatment, be it drug medication, surgery, or various other procedures. In most cases, deep venous thrombosis can be effectively treated through anticoagulation or blood thinners, which prevent blood clots in leg from forming. However, in more severe cases, surgery might by the best method of combatting DVT. No matter what treatment you undergo at The California Institute for Deep Venous Thrombosis, you can look forward to first-rate medical expertise from Dr. Malekmehr and his team.